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  • Happy 2021!

    05 January 2021

    Board 127 would like to wish you all the best for 2021. 2020 has been a strange year, lots of things changed beyond our control. Let's take matters into our own hands and make it a dazzling and above all an educational year. Hopefully, the Christmas holidays have given you the same rest and energy as we have had, let’s make it a fantastic 2021!

  • Today is the 130th birthday of the Technologisch Gezelschap! Previous weeks we celebrated our 26th lustrum with some awesome activities, like a cooking workshop, a pub quiz and the LuCielympics.
    Tonight we will celebrate the birthday of TG at an online dies reception at 20:00. You can join the reception by clicking here!
    *The reception will be in Dutch.

  • *for English please see below*

    Onlangs ontvingen wij het droevige bericht dat onze erepenningdrager H. van Bekkum in de ochtend van 30-11-2020 overleden is.

    Op de buitengewone ledenvergadering van 1980 is hij geïnstalleerd als erelid en in 2000 als erepenningdrager van het Technologisch Gezelschap.

    Van Bekkum promoveerde in 1959 bij professor Verkade en professor Wepster in Delft. Na korte tijd als onderzoeker bij Shell keerde hij in 1961 terug naar de TU Delft, toenmalig de TH Delft, waar hij de functie van lector bekleedde. Tien jaar later werd hij benoemd als hoogleraar katalyse in de organische chemie. Van 1975 tot 1976 was hij rector magnificus van de TU Delft. Naast het werk aan de TU Delft heeft Van Bekkum enorm veel betekend voor de scheikunde, zo was hij onder andere voorzitter van het Innovatief Onderzoeksprogramma Koolhydraten, voorzitter van het KNCV en lid van het KNAW. In 1991 werd hij benoemd tot Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw.

    Van Bekkum is van onschatbare waarde geweest voor het Technologisch Gezelschap. Hij was altijd betrokken bij het Gezelschap en oneindig enthousiast. Van het jaarlijkse schaaktoernooi tot begeleiding van ontwerpwedstrijden en de "Van Bekkum-shuffle", Van Bekkum zal bij het Gezelschap nooit vergeten worden.

    Voor de rest van de week zal het Technologisch Gezelschap in rouw zijn en zullen alle activiteiten afgelast worden.

    Wij leven mee met de familie en alle nabestaanden van H. van Bekkum

    Recently we received the sad news that our Medal of Honour Recipient H. van Bekkum passed away in the morning of 11-30-2020.

    At the extraordinary general meeting of 1980 he was installed as an honorary member and in 2000 he received the Medal of Honour of the Technologisch Gezelschap.

    Van Bekkum obtained his PhD in 1959 with Professor Verkade and Professor Wepster in Delft. After a short time as a researcher at Shell, he returned to TU Delft in 1961, then the TH Delft, where he held the position of lecturer. Ten years later he was appointed professor of catalysis in organic chemistry. From 1975 to 1976 he was Rector Magnificus of TU Delft. In addition to his work at TU Delft, Van Bekkum has meant a great deal to the world of chemistry, including chairman of the Innovative Carbohydrates Research Program, chairman of the KNCV and member of the KNAW. In 1991 he was appointed Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

    Van Bekkum has been invaluable to the Technologisch Gezelschap. He was always involved with the Gezelschap and infinitely enthusiastic. From the annual chess tournament to supervision of design competitions and the "Van Bekkum-shuffle", Van Bekkum will never be forgotten at the Technologisch Gezelschap.

    For the rest of the week, the Technologisch Gezelschap will be in mourning and all activities will be cancelled.

    Our love goes out to the family and all relatives of H. van Bekkum

  • Thesis Orientation Day

    26 November 2020

    Last Thursday the Thesis Orientation Day took place. This year's edition was online on the platform Hopin and was attended bij more than 150 students. We hope the TOD has helped you to get one step closer towards the important choice of at which research group you will be doing your Master or Bachelor Thesis. One of the perks of an online event is that it is very easy to record presentations, which we have done for the Thesis Orientation Day. The recordings of the presentations of all research groups can be found under Thesis Orientation Day under the Education tab, as well as the slides, for everyone who couldn't be present or would like to have a second look.
    Goodluck with finding your BEP/MEP!
    From the Commissioner of Education

  • Installation 127th Board

    03 September 2020

    Yesterday the 127th board of TG has been installed! We are looking forward to making this year a fantastic year either online or offline!

    Jelle Gilhuis - Commissioner of Public Relations
    Jacob Woltjer - Secretary
    Michiel van Wijk - President
    Dieke Gabriëls - Treasurer
    Sue van Deursen - Commissioner of Education

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