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Opto-electronic Materials (OM)

Opto-electronic Materials (OM)

Contact details

Contact: Prof.dr. Laurens Siebbeles

Secretary: Adinda Köhler
Phone: +31 15 2783137

There is no page with thesis projects available yet, but you can for instance check out Siebbeles' personal page, Houtepens personal page or Grozema's group

Research Group Information

The section Opto-electronic Materials researches new materials for solar cells, LEDs, transistors and molecular electronics at the nanoscale. The focus is on molecular materials and nanostructured materials (quantum dots, nanorods, nanosheets, perovskites). The advantage of these materials compared to traditional bulk semiconductors (e.g. silicon) is that their properties can be adapted by varying the chemical composition and material structure.  

In order to improve the functionality of the materials, we investigate the behaviour of charges and electronically excited states (excitons). For example, we investigate how the composition and nanostructure of materials influence the absorption and emission of light. We also study the efficiency with which light can release electrons, which then contribute to the current in a solar cell. The research is carried out in collaboration with several other universities in the Netherlands and abroad, and with industry (e.g. Philips, Toyota, Tata steel).

Advanced ultra-short pulsed lasers and electron accelerators are used in the research. Quantum chemical computer calculations are also performed. The combination of experimental and theoretical research enables us to understand how the behaviour of charges and excitons is related to the structure of materials. This knowledge is important for the development of new materials with unique properties for application in opto-electronic components.


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