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BASF Case Study

Master Activity

The BASF Conceptual Engineering Academy is a great opportunity for gaining a first-hand insight into the challenges and working environment that engineers can expect at BASF. The workshop aims at students of the Master course Chemical Engineering.

In small groups, the participants will work on the development of a process concept that meets the requirements of a real case – from the initial generation of ideas to the complete process design realized in Aspen Plus. The idea is to work in teams towards accomplishing a given goal, thus experiencing closely the work of a BASF engineer. Each student group will be supported by an experienced conceptual process engineer of BASF.

The workshop offers the possibility to get in contact with young engineers of a leading company in the chemical industry, to get questions answered about our daily work & life and to learn about your career possibilities at BASF.

The case study will take one and a half day on the 25th en 26th of april. BASF fully provides drinks, lunch and even diner for all participants!

The program is as follows:
25th of april: 09:00 till 17:30 with free dinner if you want to
26th of april: 09:00 till 13:00