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Joint Interdisciplinary Project

The Joint Interdisciplinary Project is an exceptional opportunity to incorporate real interdisciplinary teamwork into your Master. You will work together with passionate fellow students and companies in technical innovation ‘in the niche’ on a business case to create innovative impact. Teams will be able to think beyond their field of expertise, deepen their analytic and creative skills all the while sharing their disciplinary knowledge. Students will get the guidance required to realize the change and get a taste of both success and failure to become resilient in the face of obstacles. The projects are focused on integrated design or research assignments, in addition to value adding, societal acceptance and engineering ethics.

The project takes place during the first quarter of the academic year. The project is worth 15 ECTS and this means that it is full time project. It can be a replacement for the internship.
Students of our MSc programme will work together with students of the following faculties:
- Aerospace Engineering
- Civil Engineering and Geosciences
- Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
- Technology, Policy and Management

Together with employees of a company, students will work on cases of that company on location. The cases are interdisciplinary of nature, therefore each team consists of students where each member will come from another faculty. Students will learn the disciplines of their future colleagues and are able to contribute using their own expertise. 

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