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Vacancy for PhD student or Postdoc

The project focuses on ultrathin 2D semiconductors that are of interest for application in
field-effect transistors, light-emitting diodes, solar cells, photodetectors, lasers and

You will carry out spectroscopy on excitons and charge carriers in 2D nanosheets and
superlattices of e.g. lead chalcogenides (PbX with X=S, Se or Te) and cadmium
chalcogenides (CdX). These materials cover a wide range of dielectric constants, band
gaps, and effective masses of electrons and holes. Variation of material composition and
nanogeometry allows one to exploit effects of quantum confinement and to realize
unusual optoelectronic properties. For instance, the electronic band structure for a
honeycomb geometry exhibits a linear increase of the kinetic energy with wave vector
instead of the classic quadratic increase, giving rise to highly mobile, massless Dirac
carriers as in graphene.

You will study the formation, mobility and decay kinetics of excitons and charge carriers
with femtosecond and nanosecond pump-probe laser techniques with optical and
terahertz/microwave conductivity detection. You investigate interactions between
excitons at higher density and possible formation of an electron-hole plasma. At low
temperature excitons may form a Bose-Einstein condensate and at higher density a
crossover to electron-hole Cooper pairs can occur. You will study the formation and
properties of these many-body phases in relation to the composition and nanogeometry
of the materials.

You carry out experiments in the laboratory of prof. Laurens Siebbeles
research/opto-electronic-materials/) at Delft University of Technology in The
Netherlands. The project is sponsored via a TOP grant from The Netherlands Organisation
for Scientific Research (NWO) and will be conducted in collaboration with a PhD student
performing synthesis with prof. Daniel Vanmaekelbergh
( and a PhD student on theory with prof.
Henk Stoof ( at Utrecht University.

TU Delft offers an attractive benefits package and offers a Doctoral Education Programme
aimed at developing your skills. Please visit for more information. As
PhD student you will be given a contract for four years with a monthly salary in the range
€2191 to €2801 (excluding holiday allowance ~8%), while as a postdoc the contract is
for three years with a salary depending on experience.

Please e-mail your letter of application, CV and recommendation letters to