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The TG Car

Technologisch Gezelschap has owned an association car since the academic year 2016-2017.This page is meant as a source of information for renting this car.

Type of car: Opel Zafira

  • Type of fuel: Petrol 95/98 Unleaded (Gasoline)
  • Amount of seats: 5 to 7 (foldable backseats)
  • Bagage capacity: 1.820 liter
  • Price per driven kilometer: €0,50

An overview of the car:

You can apply for a reservation of the TG car with the form below. 

Velden met een * zijn verplicht.

Contact Information

This data will be used to enable communication between the board of TG and the driver.

Rental Information

This form is meant to simplify the reservation of the TG car. The desired renting dates are not binding. Before submitting this form, you should agree with the rental conditions, which can be found here. Once agreed with the rental conditions, the driver is obliged to sign the contract and be able to show a valid drivers license on the rental day to the board of TG. Then and only then the car can be driven by the driver.


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